Aleia is the only massage therapist I need or want. I am always thrilled on massage day. — N.S.

  • – Creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere
  • – Can find the trouble spots in my body and also within my spirit
  • – Helps me to understand my body and how it fits with the rest of me
  • – I feel comfortable and confident that Aleia can help me
  • – I trust her. — L.S.

Aleia not only saved my body-life but she’s also very professional. She takes a sincere interest in her clients and attends to their every need. I recommend her to my friends. — M.S.

Aleia has been instrumental in my healing physically and emotionally from my breast cancer. She is a gifted healer who always leaves me in a calmer more centered state. I’ve encouraged many others to see her as well. — A.E.

Aleia always gets me back in the right body, relaxed refreshed, refocused and ready to take on the world. She lets me have the “blues” massage when I need a switch from the “new age” massage. — D.Q.G.

Aleia Mason has been in my life for 3+ years. She has treated me physically and emotionally. She has my best interests in mind at all times. Her intuitiveness always surprises me. — D.F.

Aleia’s massage is truly refreshing and invigorating. I feel blessed to have started receiving massage from this talented gal. — M.K.P.

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